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Mahabharata: In My Own Way

This is a snippet of my article from the newspaper, "Planet Young".
My Article's Snippet From the Newspaper

Gandhari and Draupadi were sharing their tales with the other ladies. They had one of the most beautiful relationships. On the other side of the big palace of Indraprastha, there was a big hall where a large uproar could be heard.

Dhritarastra, the bling kind, and his wise officer, Vidura were talking about the affairs of the country. Not far from there, at a big table, the Pandavas and the Kauravas were playing chess. The wise Pandava prince Yudhishthira had just lost his rook. On the other side was Duryodhana, the mighty Kaurava. Everyone else continued with their own work.

Shakuni mama sat next to Arjuna and Bheema, talking about his younger days. Nakul and Sahadeva were having a good time with the rest of the 99 Kauravas.

“Oh no!” shouted Yudhishthira, suddenly. “I can’t afford to lose. What should I do? I have lost my queen as well.”

“Ha ha ha,” laughed Duryodhana. “Aren’t you taking the game a bit too seriously? I really can’t see why it hurts you so much. Why don’t you just quit?”

“Never!” replied Yudhishthira.

This new twist in the game drew everyone’s attention. The brothers gathered around the two players.

Yudhishthira looked at the chessboard, confused, Duryodhana wore a big grin. Suddenly, Yudhishthira snapped his fingers and took his other bishop and placed it to the right of Duryodhana’s king.

“Check!” Yudhishthira said.

Duryodhana looked at the chessboard. His king was trapped between a bishop, knight and a pawn. His queen was far ff the chessboard. Nothing could be done. \

“And mate..” Yudhishthira said, amusingly.

Duryodhana regretted his loss but then stood up and congratulated his brother. Yudhishthira could see his brother’s sorrow and said, “Don’t worry, bhai, will let you win next time!”

Suddenly a voice called from behind. “Everyone, let’s go, Dinner is ready.” It was Draupadi.

“AH! Thank goodness!” cried Bheema. “I am really hungry after this good game of chess,” and he walked away, leaving everyone behind him giggling and chuckling.


Published on October 10, 2019 in Planet Young.


©Aaira Goswami, 2020. All rights reserved.

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