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Why Freedom is NOT a myth

Freedom is not a myth, but a tangible concept, a necessity for every human.

In my opinion, freedom is not and never will be a myth. To understand this, we need to understand the definition of freedom. According to me, freedom is the right to speak, do, and believe in what one wants to, without any fear. It may be something as simple as a parent allowing a child to stay up late or something as revolutionary as the fight for freedom from oppressors, but it is all freedom. But why is it not a myth?

Well, to justify the reality of freedom’s existence, let me give you an example. I am able to write on the very topic of freedom being a myth. I may agree or disagree, but I am voicing my opinion and that is freedom. Someone else may not be able to do so, which means that they are deprived of their freedom. My point is that the idea of freedom changes with every individual and his or her circumstances. For example, if I have enough food and someone else doesn’t, it doesn’t mean that food doesn't exist. Similarly, freedom is not a myth, but a tangible concept, a necessity for every human.


I wrote this as a sample article for MUN at school.

(©Aaira Goswami, 2020. All rights reserved.)


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